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Hetalia - Russia Animation by Meshela
by Meshela

Very simple yet amusing and intriguing. The comedy is alright. =w= The story is very simple and easy to follow, and the hard work put i...


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Sara A Medina
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United States
Younger viewers be warned. Some content on my page is for a mature audience.

Call me Sam or Sammeh or whatevs XD.
Why? Because every where I go someone calls out Sara, but I never know if it's me. I hear Sam less anyways, it sounds like a guys name and it's my initials so yeah... there ya go.

I've always wanted to be a guy [hence the MUSTACHE] but I ended up having boobs. [Dammit] But meh, I just throw on a black t-shirt, wear some pants, draw on a mustache, act a little flirty, and play video games. :iconcloseenoughplz:

But I secretly do like wearing dresses... you know the ones with corsets made of velvet and have like layers of skirt and those loose girl-from-the-valley shirts? I also want to wear a kimono. Seriously those look hot.

I like to sing, especially when I'm really sad, because singing really makes me happy, it takes a weight off my chest. But I want to get good at it so at least people don't complain ^^;

I love all kinds of music and I like to make music. I can't play many instruments, I have tiny hands and tiny arms, but I once played the French Horn. Never again XDD. I wanted to play the piano but again... small hands. So I just compose music on a computer with a keyboard. It's a lot of fun.

I have a really open sense of humor... like dude Cards Against Humanity is my game.

I'm Atheist. End of Discussion here lols.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I was raised in the United States, in various states.
But if you were to ask me what nationality I am, honestly I don't think I have one. I also don't consider myself to be hispanic... or anything for that matter. I'm a human being, there's really not much else to it.

I'm an oddball in everything, I never quite "fit in" to anything, except my skinny jeans.

I like to draw because I just I wanted to make things real in my head when I was a kid. I wanted to cartoon a lot and I got so frustrated that I could never do it ya know? Several years later and I'm really starting to see how my never flailing stubbornness to keep trying has paid off. I'm like really proud and happy that I can finally draw what I want and make it real. Now I feel one step closer to my dream.

I really want to travel the world particularly Europe and Japan. Reading about it, watching it on TV, lols can't wait to actually see certain parts of the world.

I'm left handed. So haha I'm that weird 10% of the human race.

I'm better at reading Spanish and French than I am speaking the languages. Ironically English is my second language and I love it to death, particularly British English. When I was in Kindergarten I failed my spelling tests on purpose XDD Don't care, in my world it's spelled COLOUR BITCHES.

I have a guilty pleasure for fairy tales. Reason I say guilty pleasure is because as a growing writer, fairy tales have plot holes and have almost like no purpose, very bland characters, and everything has a happy ending, but fuck it that's what makes em so likeable XD

I always like to entertain people, I like to make em smile. I like to change up my day and make faces and think about weird things so that not everyday is the same as the one before. I like to act silly because it's boring to act normal and it really helps me stay away from depression.

I sometimes over analyze and think things over way too much, more than I should, so you can bet I don't like to gamble. But I guess being impulsive and happy every now and then wouldn't hurt.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY *le gasp* I'm a storyteller. I like to read stories, and I like to tell stories and that is the most important part of me. I want to create this amazing story in this amazing world one day. That is my goal. Create a new living world with a compelling story.
Whether it'll be a novel or a graphic comic I don't know but I know it'll be wonderful and an adventure to create.

So I guess in short: I am a tomboy named Sam, I am a renaissance artist and a renaissance girl, living in a material world.

Welcome to mah page~! Enjoy ur stay.

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I'm weighing the odds heavily in my mind and heart, because I have this huuuugee pile of OC stuff. *starts petting oc stuff* Dey wants to come outs of ze closet. 
But I'm so worried my babus will get stolen and eaten. But... I want them to shine... Hnnnnggg 

This tension feels like an alien bout to burst outta me chest and go haywire. Because some people post their oc's and nothing happens, but on the other hand sometimes people have a problem... with it being reposted on the internet.... yeah I don't get that, well I kinda do but still, you post on the internet expect it to spread like wildfire and that certain things are out of your control. Question is can you deal with that or not and the consequences that follow?

It's like gambling... why does this feel like a gamble. I'm not very good at poker ;-; [ but the idea of the just letting this whole world out would be a relief]

I need comforts... *goes and drinks hot chocolate* Am I too paranoid? (gosh I sound like a girl XDD lols)
  • Mood: Uneasy


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Donate if you want to. I could use the help. :bow:

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