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Hetalia - Russia Animation by Meshela
by Meshela

Very simple yet amusing and intriguing. The comedy is alright. =w= The story is very simple and easy to follow, and the hard work put i...


Jan 31, 2015
:iconevilsamdroid9001:EvilSamDroid9001 has changed their username (formerly Sara-A-Medina)
Mimi- MeMeMe by EvilSamDroid9001
Mimi- MeMeMe
Yeah so I'm back. I watched the Me!Me!Me! video and I loved it so much I want'ed to draw all of it. So yeah idk what the names of the characters are so imma call this one Mimi.
Aug 3, 2014
:iconevilsamdroid9001:EvilSamDroid9001 has changed their username (formerly QuixoticKaleidoskop)
The Republic of Clubs by EvilSamDroid9001
The Republic of Clubs
Been a while. Any who here is the third part of the deck in the Cardverse series. This is All the Germanic states + Hungary. Hope you guyz enjoy. Comment, fave, watch etc...

For all you Cardverse fans, hope you enjoy.

Other parts of Deck:
Kingdom of Hearts:quixotickaleidoskop.deviantart…
Empire of Spades:quixotickaleidoskop.deviantart…
Principality of Diamonds: W . I . P


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Sara A Medina
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Younger viewers be warned. Some content on my page is for a mature audience.

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I was raised in the United States, in various states.
I long to travel beyond this hemisphere.
I hold no affiliation to any nation, religion, or political party. I also don't have a strong culture of my own.
I'm a human girl, and I am myself.

A bit of an artist. I like to draw what I see, what I hear and feel.
A bit of a muscian. Well a synthesizer. My arms are small and my hands too. Hardly an instrument I can actually play. But I know and feel it, the soul of music, even if I'm not talented. I can't sing, but its how my heart talks.
I like yaoi. I like men. I've always wanted to be one of the boys.
I like to read about other people's happiness, and journeys be it a heroic epic or just inner courage. I'm picky. I only read stories that are true at heart same as the anime/movies I watch.
I also like to play video games with good controls and amazing stories.
And I'm always looking to listen to a good story.
I hope one day I'll be capable of successfully sharing my own.

I'm difficult to impress, but not harsh to reject.
I always am up for a good laugh and open to all kinds of humor.

Welcome to my Page.

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End... the bloody WAR on OTPS

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 6:25 PM
The_Equilibruim_Project [Version 2.7.9001 ALPHA]
Copyright <c> TheOrder_Chaos DISTRICT:#07

C:\ PitifulEarthMonkey\:EvilSamDroid9001>_

lols... ya'll dis... is ridiculous.

OTPS are meant to be loved and discussed. IF you don't like an OTP, keep it to yerself and those whom you discuss it with. No reason to make your hate a virus to spread and argue with the common public. (Really, if yer gonna write that stuff, keep it in your journals on your own turf. Don't come attacking other OTPS in public. Respect the majority/public and move on with your life, and leave us to ours) If yer gonna write it, you best write it with respect (though really... common sense, don't write hate for hates sake. Seriously? It's an OTP.)

Now Anti videos/ art are ok. They just tell a story where one character was shit and dumped the other, and another otp sprung from that. It happens in real life.
Look if your otp is being anti'd don't take it on a personal level and try to flame. Just don't watch it. Be flexible.
Same to those who made the video. Respect the OTPs. We don't mess with yours, you don't mess with ours. (just saying in general, no one take this personal)

Yes, everyone has a right to express themselves. Go on ahead. But don't freaking bully others into your beliefs either. OTPS ARE NOT A RELIGION (in general. Our own perspective is our own.) No one wants to know what your reasons for OTP are unless they ask and are interested.

And if you argue, argue with white gloves in the sound proof room where no one can hear you.

The WAR on others OTPs is seriously ridiculous and immature. It tears fandoms apart and really there don't need to be Berlin Walls for us to notice the differences in our OTPS. Invisible boundary lines drawn on a map are fine enough and let us migrating, multi-loving otpers immigrate between OTPS.

As I travel through the interwebs, I certainly don't want to dodge the head cannons and series cannons, but rather be able to communicate ideas freely with perhaps a good argument or two and learn something new about an OTP I never had an interest before and gain a unique perspective I never saw.

Just sayin...

This War on OTPS... got to stop. Use common sense. (Mostly the ruckus amongst the FrUkUs. I'm an Iggy girl, I dig my frenchies as much as I do my americanos. Dey both be sexy blondes that interrupt and intrude my joyous teatime, with perverted and ridiculous notions.)

With that said, I call the case on the WAR on OTPS adjourned.

In other news... damn. Senior Year. And I have soo many ideas now. WHY DIDN'T THEY COME TO ME IN THE DOLDRUMS OF SUMMER?!!

lols... I guess homework causes me to be naughty and inspires my mind to get distracted. DAMN YOU OLD PROCRASTINATION HABITS! You weren't supposed to marry my INSPIRATION. IT'S FORBIDDEN XDD

<ESD9001 Signed out.
Downloading Program Files... 100%
Shutting Down...

And Remember: Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts. Study Hard, Be Evil, Rule the World >BD

End of Session.


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Lols if you like what I do, it's very much appreciated.

Donate if you want to. I could use the help. :bow:

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Sat Sep 28, 2013, 4:44 PM
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